The Beginnings And Origins Of Baseball

Baseball is said to have been played in as early as the 1700’s, although the first writing which involved Baseball was noted in 1838. Baseball is one of the most famous sports in North America, drawing crowds of anywhere from 76-80 million per year.

Baseball was said to have been invented by Abner Doubleday, a Union soldier, although historical documents disprove so. Baseball traces its roots from Rounders, a British Sport. It’s also related to Cricket, a sport wherein two teams play alternately on offense and defense. Just like Basebell, Cricket is played by throwing a ball to a “batsman,” who then tries to hit it away as he attempts to run to a base.

Alexander Joy Cartwright is considered as the “Father of Baseball.” He is the author of the rules of Baseball, which was printed in 1845 for the New York-based Knickerbockers Baseball Team. He created the rules, and made a pivotal change when he noted that a player cannot be “outed” by plugging or hitting him with the baseball. Instead, players should force or tag the runner. This is one of the Baseball rules that stand in effect until today.

The Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first professional baseball team, was founded in 1869. The popularity of the game and the team made baseball the “national pastime” of the century. The increasing popularity of baseball gave birth to two leagues, namely the National League, which was established in 1876, and the American League, which was created in 1903. The champions of both leagues asserted their dominance at the World Series, which was held at the end of every playing season.

Thankfully, advances in research and manufacturing made better baseballs, compared to the ones created during the 19th century. Balls made then were not able to travel far and wide. Players, on the other hand, employed several illegal tactics such as spitballs.

By the 20th century, Baseball reached its’ “Golden Age.” Although the sluggish ball was still used from 1900-1919, strong-handed pitchers such as Cy Young, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson made mincemeat out of Baseball.

As the sport gained more popularity, bigger and better stadiums were created for spectators. The Comiskey Park and Wrigley Field in Chicago, Fenway park in Boston, Polo Grounds in Manhattan, and Ebbets Field in Brooklyn were filled with eager watchers when they were first constructed – and they continue to be filled up to the present day.

By 1920, the rules of baseball were modified by prohibiting pitchers from doctoring the ball. This signified the start of another era in baseball. One of the most pivotal players was Babe Ruth, who introduced the power hit. He became one of the most famous names in baseball, as he played for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees with 714 home runs. He shattered the record of Roger Connor, who previously topped the chart with 600 home runs. Other famous baseball players during the time were Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gehrig, and Ty Cobb.

During the time, African-Americans and Latin Americans played separately and enjoyed notoriety in their own leagues. In 1946, Branch Rickey, General Manager of Brooklyn Dodgers, broke rules when he signed up Jackie Robinson for the team.

With the continuing popularity of DraftKings, it is now played and enjoyed by people from all around the globe.

A variety of poker games to play at home

Poker games are not just played a casinos in Vegas, a lot of people enjoy playing them at home just as much. There are a lot of poker games that can be played at home and this article explains a few.

Baseball and Blind Baseball

These two card games are played with seven cards, dealt to each player. Since seven cards are being dealt, the stud rules of the seven cards apply to the game. The game is started with the player seated to the immediate left side of the card dealer. In this first round, each player flips one of his or her cards. The next round is called the betting round and it is started by the player which has the highest hand. For example, if in the first round the highest card was a Q, then the player who was holding a Q will begin the next round. The winner is decided when all the cards are face up and the one who has the best pack of five cards takes the pot. The only difference between Blind Baseball and simple Baseball is that in Blind Baseball players are not allowed to peek, while in the Baseball players can take a look at the cards their holding.

Kings and Little Ones
Another variation of poker which can be played at home is Kings and Little Ones and the rules of a five card game of draw apply to this game. There is a slight difference between a standard game of draw and the Kings and Little Ones is that in this particular game, all Kings are considered to be wild. The lowest card in a player’s hand which is facing down is also wild. For example, if a player A has 3 as lowest card and player B has 7 as lowest card, then both of 3 and 7 are wild.
There is an alternative way of playing the game in which the King is declared as wild and kill card when it is dealt with its face down. The game is won who has the best hand and hence wins the entire pot.

Follow the Queen
Follow the Queen is played according to the rules of Seven Card Stud and throughout this entire game, the Queens are considered wild. But this rule changes, when a Queen is dealt to a player face up. The next card after queen is also considered to be wild and this alternative pattern continues until all the queens are dealt, or until the game ends. For example, if a player gets a Queen and the other player gets a 3; all Queens and 3s are wild. If in the next round, the player with the 3 receives the Queen card and another player gets a 10, then the 10 as well as the Queen become wild. Each betting round starts with that player who is able to achieve highest hand, with those cards that are faced upwards. The game ends when all cards are facing up. The winner is then decided according to best hand of five cards.

Best Baseball Players Of All Time

Baseball is considered as America’s national pastime. For every sport just like Baseball, there are players who excel from all the rest. Here are the best baseball players of all time, according to the statistics they made and the records they shattered throughout the years.

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds, a left fielder, is best known for his 71st home run which trumped Mark McGwire’s record for most number of season hits. Bonds started playing in 1986, and he hasn’t stopped since. He is the only player in the list who is still playing and dominating the league. He is at the top of the all-time home run leader list, with almost 700 home runs. In 2002, he was at the top of the leaderboard with an average of .370 hits. As of current, he has won 6 MVP awards. Despite his phenomenal record, he has yet to win a World Series.

Ted Williams

Williams, another leftfielder, dominated the game from 1939-1960. His crowning glory was the 500th homerun he made against the Cleveland Indians in June of 1960. Williams has an MVP award and Triple Crown award under his belt. He has won 6 batting tournaments, and has been part of the All-star crew for 17 times. In his 21 years in baseball, he managed to have an impressive batting average of .344.

Hank Aaron

On April 1974, Aaron, made ways when he made his 715th home run, shattering the late Babe Ruth’s home run record. From 1954-1976, Aaron made spectacular plays as an Outfielder. As of current, no one has been able to break Aaron’s record of 755 home runs. He is also the league leader in total bases and extra base hits. In 1957, he was given the MVP award. He was also handed three Gold Glove awards.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth might be famous for scoring the first-ever home run in Yankee Stadium on April 1923, but he has proven that he is more than that. As an outfielder and left-handed pitcher from 1914-1935, Ruth was tagged the “Sultan of Swat,” having been the most-celebrated baseball player during his time. In his 6 seasons with the Boston Red Sox, he has helped win 89 games. He also played a crucial role in winning the 1915, 1916, and 1918 World Championship titles. After the Red Sox traded him to the New York Yankees, he made 714 home runs and helped give the team 4 World Series championships.

Willie Mays

From 1951-1973, Mays became one of the greatest centerfielders during the time. He is most famous for his over-the-shoulder play, which deprived Vic Wertz of Cleveland Indians an extra base point during the 1954 World cup. He was a player for the All-star games for 24 times, and his sleek moves have helped him win 12 Gold Gloves. The 2-time MVP made 660 home runs throughout his career, making him the 4th placer in the home run list. Mays continues to be the first baseball player to have 500 homeruns and 3000 hits.

Variants of draw poker game

One variant of poker game is known as draw poker and the draw poker itself has many variants. Few of the games played according to the draw poker rules are given below.
Six-Card Draw Poker

This variant of draw game was invented by Jeff Cross and it involves dealing a hand of six cards. The rules at are pretty much similar to the draw game of five cards. However there are a few differences. Six-Card Draw Poker involves two to eight players. Two decks are shuffled together, making it a total of 104 cards. Six cards are dealt to each player. The drawing step has the limit of five cards which can be discarded if the player wants to have new cards. If the player wants to draw six cards then he or she will have to pay another ante.


This game can be played by three, four or five players. Here we will explain a few rules that apply for a game of four players. All players are dealt six cards with face down. First a batch of three cards is dealt, then a batch of two and lastly a batch of one card. One card is placed in the center with its face down and this card is titled as the ‘trash hand’. The three players are playing, two cards are dealt as trash and if five players are playing, there are no trash cards.

Then follows a round of betting in which every player must change three cards or opt for fold. Similarly, in the next betting round, the same procedure follows with two cards. Lastly, in another betting round, either only one card is changed or the player folds. In the trash hand, each player has to discard one card in order to make a total of 5 cards in the trash hand. If one or more player has folded and the trash hand does not comprise of 5 cards, more cards are taken from the deck. In the showdown, the player with the best hand takes away the pot. The trash hand is then exposed, with only one card revealed at a time. Those players who are not able to beat the cards forming the trash hand have to pay for the pot.

Jockpot Poker

This game involves dealing five cards to each player and it is similar to the draw game of five cards, with a slight variation. The two’s may or may not be considered as wild cards. After the players are given five cards each, the deck is placed in the center and every player is allowed to take a look at their cards. The players may then deposit one of their cards in another pile and in its place take a new card from the deck. Of course the player will discard a bad card in order to exchange it for another. This procedure continues, until one player decides that he or she has a good hand and then says, “I call’. The players then bid in order to see who wins the best hand.

Five exciting poker tournament variations

Usually poker tournaments work this way: Each player begins with a fixed amount of chips, while the blinds (plus antes) move up at a fixed rate. The game carries on and a player is removed when all his chips are finished. The player who garners all the chips gets the largest prize; usually ten percent of the field is paid, with the largest prizes at the ‘last table’.

There is no doubt that these games are highly exciting, however there are numerous variations that a player can employ to make the games even more thrilling. This write-up highlights five different variations that you may want to check out either online or live.

A. Rebuy competitions
You can purchase additional chips in this sort of game, usually during the initial hour. During the rebuy period play is usually loose and wild because there is no risk of being booted out early. Also, the majority of these games have a non-compulsory ‘add-on’ after the rebuy period must have concluded. With this another tray of chips is added prior to the beginning of the knockout section of the game.

B. Satellite Qualifiers
You are not vying for money in this kind of game; you are competing for a ticket that will get you a greater buy-in tournament. Some of these higher buy-in competitions range from contests like World Series of Poker which is usually shown on television and the usual mid-to-elevated buy-in games available on popular poker websites. Because there are no differences in all the payouts, usually these games will be terminated once a pre-determined number of players are left. Each of these players will be given a ticket.

C. Knockout Rewards
This exciting variation places a reward on each player’s head. Your admission fee is usually divided between the general prize fund and your reward. When an inducement exists to eliminate a player from the game, action can become furious and fast. Some elimination competitions provide additional rewards for eliminating a named professional.

D. Timed Poker Competitions
This variation was recently introduced by online poker websites. The duration of these games is usually fixed, rather than allowing them go on till a player gets all the chips. They may last between fifteen minutes and two hours. Payouts are determined by how many chips each player that is left has when play time has ended. In this variation, you have to fine-tune your strategy, and the games are fast and pleasant. It is an excellent variation for individuals who have very little spare time during the day.

E. Mixed Game contests
It can get very dull after some time if you play only one poker variation, it is a good idea to play different variations every now and then. You will find such games as ‘8-game’ and ‘HORSE’ on the internet which rotate automatically through different variations. Another fine method of organizing things is by allowing the dealer select the game for every hand, if you play your game at home.

Keep in mind that playing exciting and fresh games is a fine way of enjoying and profiting from your poker sessions, whichever poker game you play.

Baseball: Rules And How To Play

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, there are some people who are not familiar with the rules of the game and how it works. If you’re one of those people, then here is a rundown of the rulings of baseball.

The game of baseball involves two teams, who take turns at defense and offense. Each team is composed of nine athletes. The main objective of the game is to score more home runs than the opposing team.

The baseball itself is 3 inches in diameter, white in color bearing red stitches. A defense player needs to wear baseball gloves, which is used to catch the ball. The defensive player, on the other hand, needs to use a bat, which is made of wood, metal, or aluminum.
The playing field is diamond-shaped, and has four bases. The infield is the area of the field near to the bases, while the outfield is the grassy, outermost area. Most bases are 90 feet apart from each other. The “foul territory,” which is the area outside of the field bordered by white lines depends from field to field.

The game consists of nine innings, with each inning divided into two parts. The first inning consists of the home team playing defense while the visiting team plays offense, while the second inning is vice-versa. For each half inning, the team only has a limit of three outs.

For the team on the defensive side, there needs to be a pitcher who on top of the mound. His purpose is to throw the ball toward the home plate. There’s also a catcher, which, as the name derives, needs to catch the ball if it’s not hit by the opponent. There are also infielders – the first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, and the shortstop, who is located halfway between the second and third base. There are also three outfielders – the right fielder, center fielder, and left fielder.

As for the team on the offense, the nine-man team should have a certain batting order which will be followed throughout the game. The game starts with the hitter waiting to hit a ball thrown by the pitcher. If the hitter manages to hit the ball, he can run to the first base – or more – without getting “out.”

A hitter can only have three strikes before he gets out. The strikes are determined by an umpire, who might notice a swing with a miss or a ball over the plate or the area called strike zone. If the hitter commits four balls, or a pitch outside of the strike zone, he can walk towards the first base automatically.

Once the batter has started to run, he will be known as the runner. A runner’s goal is to be “safe” in a base, and remain there until another hitter hits the ball. The players from the defensive team can prevent the offensive players from pacing through bases by getting the runners out with the use of a ball.

A hitter is given a “hit” when he lands on bases without getting out. A score is given when he crosses through the bases before his team earns 3 outs.

MLB Spring Training Betting

I’m going to preview a couple more individual MLB betting teams here, mainly because I’m starting to put my baseball betting money where my mouth…er…typing fingers are, and placed a few bets already. One was a 12-pack of beer vs. a bottle of Absolut that the White Sox would finish with a better regular season record than the Cincinnati Reds.

It would seem, on paper, I’m a lock to win. But is it that simple? Let’s see.

The first MLB team we’ll look at is the Reds, this is a team that’s gone nowhere slowly the last few years, ending last season on a 5-game skid, dumping into fifth place with a 74-88 record. A meager step up from the 72-90 spot they put up the year before. Back in 2006 they were only a pair under .500, so we’re not exactly headed in the right direction here. Are they primed for an upswing this year? A surface scratch of the talent might get your hopes up Reds fans, with Jay Bruce and Joey Votto leading the charge. So how far can youthful energy take a soccer betting team? Further than Griffey and Dunn were taking them, that’s for sure.

I won’t argue that the Reds have reason to be excited. Of course, every team can say the same thing during spring training when we’re all in first place. Here’s where the rain comes, though. Starting pitching. Your current “ace” Harang gave your team a 4.78 ERA/6-17 record effort last year, and he’s not on the happy side of 30, either. Volquez, however, showed he’s a force, with a respectable 1.33 WHIP and good-for-the-NL ERA of 3.21. After that, you’ve got Arroyo and a few more question marks. In the ninth, I see Cordero as a fairly average, maybe slightly above average closer.

Unless this team is in the hunt in June and looking for another arm, they’re at least a couple years away from really competing for a playoff spot.

From the sports betting perspective, they’re an older, slower team than I’m sure even they’d admit they want to be. Konerko and Thome still have impressive basketball betting power, but unless they smack a HR or a long double, your base-running plan is gonna be as day-to-day as Griffey.

What I do like about the Sox, in addition to a ton of experience, is the potential. Baseball experts and fans alike love to throw out the “ifs” early on, but if the Sox stay healthy, their starting rotation will carry them through a lot of dry spells at the plate. Buerhle, Danks, Floyd, Contreras and Colon are all capable of being a No. 1-2 caliber starter when they’re on. And Buerhle and Colon are proven, reliable innings-eaters. Which Colon will the Sox get and how long will Contreras’ body hold out are both wild card questions. And Jenks can close 45 games with his belt undone.

I wouldn’t recommend a World Series ring-type snooker betting on either team. But I’d put some money down on the Sox making the playoffs, and the Reds not. In fact, I already have. I predict the Reds will approach .500 again but finish 76-86, and the Sox will fight to win 90 games again, give or take a couple.

NHL Betting Terms

There are quite a few terms used by hockey handicappers when they’re discussing betting on the NHL. In order to understand what the cappers are talking about then you’re going to need to know the definition of all the popular terms used. I’ve compiled an expansive list of the terms you can expect to see when you’re studying hockey and reading the betting forums. You don’t need to memorize the list or anything, but make sure you keep it handy in case you need to look up a definition quickly.
Action – Action defines any type of wager/bet that you make on any NHL outcome.

Angles – Using past data from previous hockey games to obtain an angle on a future game.

Book/Bookmaker/Bookie – Terms used to describe online sportsbooks.

Chalk – This another term used to describe the favourite in the wager.

Future Bets – A future bet is when you make a wager on an outcome that won’t be known for awhile. An example of a future bet would be wagering on who will win the Stanley Cup Championship at the start of the season.

Handicapping – Term used to describe the art of predicting the outcome on wagers.

Hedging – You will have the opportunity at one point in time or another to hedge your bet. It means betting on the opposite team you already bet on to ensure profit or cut losses. If you’re uneasy after making a bet you can hedge it to cut the losses. If you have a parlay with one team you can typically hedge it so that you can guarantee a profit.

Juice – The juice is the amount of money that the bookie makes on a bet that has lost.

Line – The term “line” refers to the posted odds of a given outcome in the NHL. You will typically see the term NHL Betting Lines when you visit the sportsbook.

Longshot/Underdog – The team or side of the wager that isn’t expected to win.

Pick/Pickem – When both teams have the same odds and noone has an edge.

Power Ratings – This is a term used to describe popular stats of the different teams so you can compare who has the better team on paper.

Puck-Line – The puck-line is the term used to describe spreads in hockey games.

Push – The term push is used to describe any wager that results in a tie.

Straight Bet – Term used to describe when you bet on a single team to win.

This basically sums up every term that you’re going to run into when you’re wagering on the NHL. Remember if you don’t know what something means then it’s probably found on this list and you should make sure you learn what it means. You might get the wrong impression from an article or post online if you misunderstand one of the terms, which could result in losing money. If you find any other terms online when you’re betting on the NHL that you need defined just let us know and we will add it to the current list.

Does Post Position Matter?

Since 1900, two post positions have produced more winners than any other single PP in the Kentucky Derby. The number 1 and number 5 spots have each produced twelve Kentucky Derby winners. These two post positions have produced a combined 22% of the Kentucky Derby winners. The next closest spot that has produced the most Kentucky Derby winners are the four and ten post positions, which have each produced ten winners and combined for 18% of the winning horses at the Derby. Collectively, post positions 1, 5, 4, and 10 have accounted for 40% of the wins at the big race of Churchill Downs. Knowing this fact, does this mean that horses in these four post positions hold a statistical edge over horses running out of other post positions or is it merely a coincidence?

When looking at the Belmont Stakes, the number 1 spot has produced 23 winners, which is more than any other starting post position. The numbers 3 and 5 post position produces the second biggest set of winners, as thirteen horses have won from both the three and five positions. The number two spot has produced eleven winners at Belmont for the Belmont Stakes.

In the Preakness Stakes, the sweet spot seems to be the number six post position. Horses starting from the six spot have won fifteen races. The number four spot has produced thirteen winners. Post position seven has produced twelve winners, while the numbers two and three spots have each generated eleven winners.

Crunching the numbers of all the horese race betting Triple Crown races shows that horses from all post positions can and do win their respective races. The post position a horse starts from does not provide any horse a statistical edge over other horses. Horses running out of the number one spot have a shorter distance to run. However, they are often crowded along the rail and thus they have less room to work and make moves than those starting the race on the outside. The horses starting in the higher post positions have more room to operate by running on the outside of the track. However, with more room comes a greater distance they have to run.

The key to online horse racing is not to choose the magic post position. Instead, the magic in betting the horse races comes in finding the right horse at the right time. If a horse runs well on the outside, then it makes sense to bet him when he starts on the outside. The horse makes the post position; the post position does not make the horse.

NBA Future Bets

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most popular basketball league in the world. The best players from all over the world sign with the NBA and it ensures that the quality of the game is always great. If you want to try your luck at betting on the NBA one of the ways you can is by betting on a futures bet. If you’re unsure what a future bet is then look below for a quick definition so you’re not completely lost.

What Is A NBA Futures Bet?

An NBA futures bet is any type of bet that takes place over the course of the entire NBA season. Many people don’t like betting on future bets because they keep your money tied up for the entire season. I personally find betting on some of the future bets is actually simpler then betting on straight wagers throughout the season. For those of us that already bet on future bets it’s often our biggest wagers of the entire basketball season.

Types of NBA Future Bets

There are a few different NBA betting futures that you can make at the beginning of the NBA season. Most online sportsbooks will post odds to their future bets 1-2 months prior to the start of the NBA season and they’re generally offered until the teams have finished their first 20 games of the season.

* The most common type of NBA futures bet is betting on what team you think is going to win the NBA Championship. As you can imagine, picking the NBA champion at the beginning of the season isn’t going to be an easy task. You’re going to need to spend lots of time looking over the trade and free agent acquisitions of each team so that you can determine what team improved the best upon last season. I would start with the teams in the West Conference since they have been doing a lot better then the Eastern Conference teams have over the past 10 years.

* Another type of NBA futures bet that is similar to the bet above is betting on what team you think will win each conference and division. If you don’t already know the teams in the NBA are split up into conferences and then divisions. Picking the winner of a conference or division at the beginning of the season is difficult, but it’s a lot easier then picking the NBA champion. Picking the Lakers to win their conference isn’t going to make you rich, but they have a great chance at winning their division every season and definitely worth taking a look at.

* The last type of basketball lines you will find on the NBA futures bet that you can make at the beginning of every NBA season is deciding whether a given NBA team will go over or under a predetermined win total. For instance, the sportsbook might set the over/under for total wins for the Lakers at 46.5. If you think that the Lakers will win more then 46.5 games this season then you would bet on the over whereas if you think they’ll fall under that win total you’d bet on under.